Niftee 50ees was created by it’s founder Randy Shannon and wife Molly with a desire to reflect back to the retro days of fun times. With a strong admiration for street rods, custom cars, hot rods and restored classic automobiles from the mid century, it soon became an obsession. As a great admirer of nostalgia from juke boxes to gas pumps, coke machines, music and other items, the classic cars were soon to follow.

A vision and dream to bring back an era in time collectively with a family friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy on a Saturday night. A tradition reflective of youthful times was the mission to move forward with revisiting the past.

At our Niftee 50ees “Saturday Night Cruise” you will find a family oriented show, with a well lighted parking lot full of classic cars, good time oldies music, and onsite security in a coned off area, that’s free to the general public!

With the dream came strong support from many volunteers and fellow classic car owners who have assisted and participated in our weekly Saturday Night Cruise and car show events to make Niftee 50ees what it is today.

Our sincere admiration and gratitude goes to all of our loyal classic car fans, classic car owners, supporters and sponsors. A special thanks to Corum Shopping Center for allowing our events each Saturday evening, during our scheduled season, in beautiful Spring, Texas!

Please contact us for more information about our weekly Saturday Night Cruise shows, and other Niftee 50ees events for entry requirements, etc. Thanks!